”it is good.”Hibiscus string nod.

  When the two spoke, Paul Chun has also been looking at the strings with hibiscus looked eyes.And also looked at Paul Chun Geun-string, she did not understand how this can have Paul Chun in his master so important there.
  Is not it a little pretty?And she has a husband, I really do not know what his master thinking.
  ”You are what kind of person?Those who before what is man?”
  Paul Chun felt the batch of black people before hibiscus string and not a group, since she helped Han Yu cloud, m杭州桑拿洗浴aybe she would know another group of people who are?
  But hibiscus chord but shook his head, did not speak.Then turned around to see Han Yu cloud.
  ”Korean doctor’s injury is not serious, they are skin trauma, but it still took him back as soon as possible.”
  After hibiscus string finished, Touyemeihui turned to leave.Hibiscus chord direction looked away Qin Pei Momo’s, did not speak in.
  It seems to come not want to tell her true identity, in that case, so she did not need to ask what more do go down to the.
  Paul Chun Han Yu of the snow cloud arm steady, “we go home.”
  Han Yu Yun nodded, “I have just been ambushed people, she saved me with a man, but she would not tell me who’s behind.”
  Han Yu cloud atmosphere is very unstable, but still put all of their knowledge of the circumstances have told Paul Chun.
  Paul Chun aft杭州桑拿er listening nodded slightly, then turned and looked at the direction of a chord hibiscus leave, I do not know what to think hard.
  ”Master, she is safe.”
  Just turned away hibiscus string returned to the front of their masters, and now she stood on the cold quartzite, looked up at the man in front of his own.
  ”How, you detract from the studio of hibiscus strings to save a village woman is not happy?”
  Muyun Yan sitting in the chair and did not get up, the sound was suddenly asked with a bit of meaning.His long fingers holding tea has long been cold there continue swinging, no entry.
  ”Its not dare.”
  Hear Muyun Yan said, hibiscus chord immediately knelt down and admit.From the first day she was sent to the studio Muyun Yan, she lost this wayward power, is not it?
  ”Qi Bing master, to stay in the studio the first day Geun-string understand their own identity.”
  This time, hibiscus chord not want to mess Muyun Yan angry.
  But sitting there in front of Muyun Yan see himself so Dimeishunyan hibiscus strings, do not feel a bit upset, hands clutching the cup and snapped it crumbled into powder, dropped to the ground.
  ”Let’s go out.”

  After he finished some red ears, uneasily glanced in the direction of South Fei Yu.

  Who knows just to tease her eyes, his face suddenly felt a hot start.
  Zhang Cuihua This time impress, dingy ran out.
  Others see such a sensible Chengdong Yu, also known guarding their own sister-in-law, looks like very good relationship, where not understand, certainly Zhang Cuihua that mouth to utter, stir out of such a farce to.
  Saying that the last high Keba small things, too!
  ”Xiaoyu, you’re a good boy ah.”Chief Chengdong Yu patted on the shoulder, but also look to Ling-known children,” children know, it is our fault, wronged you, I hope you do not mind, there is difficulty, just let me know.”
  ”Yes, the village head.”Nan Fei Yu sentence shall lightly, watching this group of righteous people Samsam exit.
  Ling father aside sigh, Ling brother red eyes like a lump, “Xiaoyu, little sister, see you get along well, we are relieved, if I remember what happened, you can come home, do the hardest the, you know?”
  Chengdong Yu beginning no to people close to the Langkawi as possible, but this time to see the two big men turned red eyes, and sometimes a little shocked.
  ”Daddy, Brother, do not leave to eat a meal?”Nan Fei Yu opening.
  Ling Ling father and brother in shock, as a phase followed by more red eyes, “Well, well, eating!”
  After the young girl married into the way home, even mothering did not return, every time they saw a U-turn to leave, or is very impatient, they thought, she would not leave them in this life of it.
  But she now they even stay for dinner!
  Nan Fei Yu wanted to cook, but Ling Ling father and brother excitedly occupied kitchens, her back to the hall and sat Chengdong Yu.
  Nan Fei Yu teasing the little princess hands, while children said: “Xiaoyu, you just such things, I moved to the.”It was the husband’s brother maximum force ah!
  Chengdong Yu face suddenly dark down, put aside his face, “I said is true, you know, I do not like people who just noisy.”
  This is the first time so his eight children to express their ideas.
  ”Yo, put it so hard gas, not afraid of me?”Nan Fei Yu moved to the line of sight from an early age on his face princess苏州龙凤网, Shen tone of some.

  After all, teachers are to the capital, do not rush to the audience always rude.

  Hatano eye color is deep, I do not know what he wanted: “Go.”
  All the words to this, did not avoid the interest rates brothers, if left on their own in respect TIPS.
  But interest rates nine Yen is erratic, he’s about to stand up and rub, volunteered: “Ginger Ginger sister, your family of your teacher I cooked it, I’ll take it.”
  So gracious, I do not know yet that he is in pursuit of blanket sweetheart.
  Jiang Rou frowned, before they ask refuse, heavy monthly interest paste a slap on his face, smiled and said to the girl: “Ginger Ginger sister, bother, let’s leave, another day the government had invited he杭州夜生活r sister flowers, please sister must come.”
  If completed, the heavy interest rates nine month pulled Yan left.
  Out of the way, still vaguely heard voices shouting interest rates nine Yen.
  Jiang Rou frown: “younger brother, this month will not rest heavy interest also think I was right at home lost girl?”
  Just now, he should follow the information with her sister shout nine Yen.
  Hatano turning white beads Bodhi between the wrist: “It should be a.”
  With that, he watched ginger Rou, means unknown: “The family found conclusive evidence and other information, about as big as you wanted to recognize back to you.Have prepared.”
  Jiang Rou feel ridiculous, is not the slightest real.
  How she lost family income is the youngest daughter of the?
  This plot development obviously Chaogang a wow!
  Raw inside, back and forth nor the slig深圳桑拿htest hint.

  ”Duanmu son, you have to incarnation old woman yet?”

  Jin Yu, then just export it in exchange for one of his warning, a silent obediently mercy, this got into the carriage to go, Duanmu lady saw her sit in, muzzled laugh.
  ”Sister-in-law, brother is hurt you.”Duanmu Wyatt irreverent laughing, playful wink Road.
  Just two people on the outside, then obviously they are to be heard, Jin Yu face hot, but this thing is a disgrace, more often naturally afraid.
  Sit pretending to be calm, carefree Yu Jin said, “the next phase to see if Mei Xu, I will give you a lot of opportunities to communicate.”
  ”mother!You see sister-in-law, made fun!”
  ”When men and married women, once married, sister-five, the betrothal of it!”
  ”This was right Jin Niangshui.”Duanmu smiled and echoed Mrs..
  ”You two are laughing at me, you ignore the.”
  ”Do not worry!We will give you a good check, not a good childLang, absolutely do not agree.”
  Duanmu Wyatt, after all, little girl, can not stand the teasing, suddenly blushed, remembering the people that every few days to send their own gadgets, hiding Duanmu lady did not dare to open the body side.
  A few people talking and laughing voices heard carriage, horse lorry listen Duanmu green ears, this gratuitous mind at ease.
  Protector of the government from the palace gate, there is a small half hour away, only just under the snow, horse-drawn carriage to go slow, stunned to arrive an hour before the palace gate.
  Jin Yu sat in the outermost, Duanmu Green Hou in the carriage, first wait until she is.
  Maidservants do not help, he took the hands to put on her cloak, look carefully to see Jin Yu fascinated.
  ”Look at home.”Green gas Duanmu Language.
  Jin Yu mouth up, wide sleeves rope in hand, and touched the back of his busy.
  ”Brother, the cold, still advanced Palace Bar!”Duanmu Wyatt has been dismounted from the other side of the car, the couple still see little sticky gooey, blushing and helped Mrs. DUANMU go ahead.
  ”Come on!”
  Duanmu Yu Jin of the green in the palm of my hand, holding her to move forward.
  A palace gate are constantly little ladies, to see the behind the scenes, quickly ran back.
  While Green Duanmu do not have an official post, but no one dared to see him, after all, to protect the country’s Public House lintel, high enough.
  Along the way, also met several aristocratic family to the plum, we are met with courtesy rules, most of the women of Jin Yu Duanmu green around him with great curiosity.
  After all, the original Green Duanmu Kangzhi refusing to get married, willing to give up military power, and even recently also toss people into the supreme court almost beheaded peasant girl, the fact that much of this pit husband
  But charm is also large, make great general resourceful woman abandoned everything, certainly not simple.
  Jin Yu has maintained a smile, t杭州桑拿洗浴hese people do not have a knowledge of, and can not speak, Jian Li smile on the line.
  ”I think how this little lady, very look familiar it!”
  Mrs. royal doctor’s, forties, Wen Wen brings tears of a woman, Jin Yu of this woman’s mother has always been no resistance levels.
  See her friendship, she would deal with more than a few words.

  Meng Wei is warming, there is not much appetite to eat lifted, but yesterday she worked so hard to think of a good bowl of color, flavor and taste of the plane but did not eat one, and some unwilling, so would also not wantHe answered: “I want to eat noodles, eat nothing other.”

  See Lin aunt always have to eat enthusiastic attitude Mengwei ate today have no pursuit picky, said Meng Wei is really just some dizziness, Meng Wei asked not to call the doctor to see, after obtaining refuse, they hastened she quickly let rest a while, and then they did not dare disturb away from the open.
  This Mengwei into the house, put down that bag of spices hands wrapped, to their Daoliaobeishui.
  Xiang Yun Lou from the Medical Center, then became a doctor to Houfu museum, in fact, not really far away, but she left it lasts seven or eight北京夜网 in the morning, come back now reckoned to almost ten o’clock, this time the sun had regarded as toxic, not to mention the way she had walked to sweat.
  If this was to go to the kitchen stove as the place to be for a little while, maybe she really have to heat stroke.
  Furthermore she has always been a people who do not like to be bound, principled issue is not likely to change, Lin Hao aunt learned early in a lot of dishes.
  They do not compassionate old man?
  This summer that she can get a good use of.
  Mengwei rest for a while, they began to buy spices ground into powder, and no one in the next, in the hands of no other thing, Meng Wei is not urgent, humming a song while grinding, but the other side is not so pleasant a.
  After listening to the words of Aunt Lin Meng Wei, I started to feel justified, you know the old ma上海419论坛n about the age of fifty now, though manifested on all sorts can be regarded as ‘hale and hearty’.
  But no matter how strong, age is not put in there?
  And this time the old man came back she was renowned for looks than the old three years ago to some of the past can not care, but since Mengwei Ti out, she has to pay attention not?
  Lin aunt was the kitchen, inside the crowd waiting for food has long been ready, but do not want to Lin aunt saw a man come in, looked toward the true children behind Lin aunt, wondering: “Auntie Lin, Wei did not come how?Porter is wrong yet?”
  ”No, Wei has yet to recover her body, I let her recover from, Hu aunt, what do you look for the smallest government teapot or jug is a take over, as the pastry even, Lishen, and you Xu aunt a person to do a side dish, a vegetarian do well, not too much, well, give the old man sent.”
  Xu aunt somewhat puzzled: “But the old man in the yard of the old man said people want to eat cake.”
  ”You can not forget Mrs. Wei said yesterday that today let rest, say Wei body uncomfortable, if the old man asked, he did not say the food.”
  ”Just do as I say!”
  Lin aunt so ordered, even if they have any doubts, but there will be criticism, even more heart is hoping to make the old man to eat their craft as yesterday praised a few general.
  ”Xiao-ning, how you say it has not brought pastries?No, you go to the kitchen Cui Cui, let them hurry.”
  Follow in the old man looked around the old man, although there are also more than thirty years old, but one of these years to get used to call him the old man, and secondly he called to younger age in front of the old man, indeed justified.
  The man nodded, out of the house in the old man’s license, but did not want to look up to see the two maidservants carrying food containers to come, to go the pace suddenly they turn the corner.
  Being irritable old man in the room turn around in circles, wait on the side of the servant holding a fan flushed to the old man violently with the wind, but it did not put the old man’s heart is anxious to appease down.
  I thought people had left, back again, the old man still wondering, but did not wait for him to speak, eat outside they heard the kitchen sent the report it immediately overjoyed’s get back on the table.

  It must be before Cheng Su Su nutrition has not kept up no good exercise.

  When he unloaded the Cubs, and he absolutely Su Su Cheng put up physical fitness training.
  Under pain of being dominated policy bell gradually becomes expressionless did not have feelings, the worst thing is, it is the moment to also draw half bad, just like lynching as tough, there are numerous moments, bell-making are to take out of the two legs cut idea.
  As a result he get, came up with the movement is not too small, Cheng Su Su was soon to wake him, in the dim light, she saw a bell faintly policy, seen leaning against the bed policy bell pain to grimace in pain, what seems to forbear.
  Would also have some trance, which at heart slightly Deng to send a panic, Cheng Su Su instantly awake, she almost did not take the slightest hesitation to bounce up from the bed, eyes turn in clock making hand, right hand hurriedly back touch, touch switch, open the headlights, “popping” sound, light up the house instant.
  ”You, how do you?”
  Su Su Cheng deliberately put on a show Huangde No, she had never seen a clock like this policy, not the kind of prostitute prostitute, just a moment to see his true feelings, it is from the heart tearful, he looked , almost cry.
  Moment, and clock-making to a rearview really feel day to be collapsed.
  The estimate is concerned about the chaos caused Su Su Cheng direct confusion at this moment, what happened child thought it was a child, her eye looked down his stomach, fear fear hands feet do not know now how to do.
  ”Where does it hurt?You told me.”
  If he do not speak, he took her to sudden death.
  Nor is it an exaggeration, the inertia of thinking is everything, Cheng Su Su on their北京风月会所 bodies well aware, aware of their no problems, so let the clock-making now so painful she could think of, is his stomachCubs trouble a child.
  Bell looked at the policy turned Su Su Cheng.
  Physiological responses to stimuli at him, tears uncontrollably spin in his eyes.
  Inexplicable grievances, inexplicable poor, have to look Su Su Cheng heart is a tight.
  Zhong policy obviously want to put a calm but still can not stop the tearful voice, a good long while, also 破罐子破摔 no longer take account of this face, “.My leg cramp.”
  Then, the local hard Xiufen raised his hand to his face.
  Previous attention on the clock-making pregnant, moment by such a reminder, Cheng Su Su once glance under the eyes, to the bell-making leg, visible seems to really feel that place a reduction of meat a reduction, and then look down, indeed, not to stretch, even with toes curled up.

  Pei Yuanbo into the house, began to inquire about the duality: “dual Dad do smart bracelet is doing what it?”In the news, put a little conceptualized leadership, he did not get to know of his father’s inventions, always feel very curious.

  Two yuan in Peiyuan Bo around for a long time, has not stopped learning, in other infections, more humane again, this time to answer quite proud tone: “It is our brother, ternary.”
  ”what?”This is more confused.How Yuan Yuan also with a series of.
  ”Mr. Pei are produced, Yuan series, you’re Yuan Yuan, I was binary, ternary it, but it is stupid to stay in the lab, I’m smarter, just to accompany you on your side.”Dual full of energy,” its function can not compare me.”
  It illustrates it: “It’s the function I have, I will not do it.”Artificial intelligence community also has contempt chain, it will think this is the only study looked down, there is no emotional evolution of the ability of small retarded.
  After “In simple terms, it is actually bundled with personal information, real-time monitoring of daily personal physical condition – including blood pressure, pulse, etc., can be checked in time physiological conditions, once the situation a serious problem, it will locate, call emergency telephone and automatic call for help to the surrounding.Lock also comes with the surrounding environment, beyond the usual activities once the environment surrounding and no guardian is present, will automatically alarm, but also take the initiative to the police, call for help function.All in all, is a health monitoring, to prevent the child wandered off, encountered bad guys bracelet.”
  ”But the adult version and a minor version different, I heard Mr. Pei said that once the adult version will no guardian positioning of – unless the initiative is open to friends and family rights.”
  Two yuan dark rubbing discredit ternary one, in short, it is the most intelligent!
  Hear some intermediate keywords Peiyuan Bo suddenly surprised a moment – as if he can think of, my father made this bracelet original intention, if we had had such a bracelet, maybe he will not get lost it?
  At the same time, Yang Qiuping in the next room are thinking about it.
  Husband before reaching cooperation with countries in advance and she said, now available in large shopping malls, intelligent robots, intelligent bracelet, even if it is only the bracelet motion monitoring function, can sell very good price, more Not to mention the security that comes with full-featured typ南宁桑拿e bracelet, and if his name patented technology into a commercial, profit can be made a lot of money.
  But Pei Naochun business people did not agree brainer, he chose the initiative and approached the country, in order to convince countries to invest funds in this area – and this is because of the power of individuals seem insignificant in the face of the country, if individuals to promote, time-consuming, it is difficult to obtain the corresponding effect, he will be at their disposal new chip supercomputer technology available to countries in exchange, the only condition is that the state investment funds, to promote, to promote the convenience, he passed several studies have cost bracelet pressure to a minimum.
  But this also means that might otherwise relied Dongfeng “riches” of the home, still like now, living off the day before he made the decision, the head of a choice, is to seek the views of Yang Qiuping.
  Yang Qiuping heard a function of the bracelet, after the trial himself, not with hesitation hesitation, immediately agreed, her mind when she wanted nothing, just talking back and forth to the TV drama words: “If there this bracelet, that the pain of waiting for a full seven years, we will have?”The current state of life is already rich, she hopes, will help to families may be harmed in the future.
  Of course, Pei Naochun are allowed under state after, with relevant national companies reached a cooperation, launched an upgraded version for all ages – from materials restrictions, can do better, of course, which is contrary to all the people to the original intention, profits received, he will establish a foundation – which is the same decision after deliberation Yang Qiuping, Yang Qiuping same part-time positions in the Foundation.
  The name of the Foundation called four yuan – this name is Yang Qiuping Tucao, but she also takes better name does not come out, they had nodded in agreement, focused on anti-trafficking activities, trafficking in children.The Foundation’s money will be divided into three parts, the first part is to promote funding for the various regions, including in remote and backward mountain, publicity trafficking, illegal buying and other acts of nature, the severity; the second capital , said simply, called the report a bonus, the Foundation promised not to leak information, will report information transfer police, rescue once successful, will be given a bonus based on the number of children being bribed; third, is looking for tracing missing children were rescued and cared for the child for no reason, a three-pronged.
  Yang Qiuping very supportive, she even played the urge to quit his current job, threw himself into it, but was persuaded Pei Naochun, most full-time jobs Foundation, is the need for long-term around the country to run around he do not ask, we know that you want to leave Peiyuan Bo a couple of weeks, way too busy to contact Yang Qiuping is impossible, and therefore is the responsibility of the other party as regulation, supervision and auditors are together responsible use of money, each project implementation.
  She shook the phone in hand, is the husband replied information, just after reading the news, she gave her husband sent a congratulations, then this will received a reply.

  Nine of these temperature performance, others can not be found, naturally he soon discovered.

  ”Girl, do not be afraid, I will not have an accident.”
  From small to large, Xiao Yu on the battlefield many times, no matter what the situation, he met several times survived, Xiao Yu know better than anyone, on the battlefield, no one can guarantee their own safe and sound.
  He did not want to fight, do not want to take his brother to talk to fighting for his life.
  However, there is no way of fighting together, they are the food Lu monarch of the people, will have to sacrifice their lives for the emperor.
  For the family, only to appease.
  His fear of the heart, must not show in his face.
  If he showed panic, after that he left to warm nine how to handle?
  Therefore, the temperature Nine, he can only make some, there is no way he fully realized the promise.
  Wen nine so intelligent, and can 杭州桑拿not guess how his mind?
  ”I go with you!”
  Wen nine Suddenly, his eyes looked assured Xiao Yu.
  Xiao Yu’s face froze, Wen nine do not understand why suddenly proposed this idea.
  ”Girl, this is not a joke.The army can not have a woman, that sort of thing, it will violate military Article.”
  To keep themselves warm along with nine, Xiao Yu mouth serious legal, have moved out.
  Since he loves this woman, I want to properly protect her.
  Those bloody battlefield, those mutilated, anyone watching will not stand.
  Xiao Yu in the military who, for the first time on the battlefield recruits eggs, met with brutal scenes as will his legs felt weak, walk way.
  Not to mention the new recruits, how many times on the battlefield veteran, can not stand ah!
  Despite the weak woman on the nine temperature is not in the traditional sense, b广州桑拿网ut, in that scene, Xiao Yu would not want to go through the temperature nine.
  ”I want to go to the battlefield, just want to help.”
  Wen nine know, will be equipped on the battlefield medic.


  ”This one is not too dew point?”
  ”I do not reveal ah” the stylist to quickly come up with a book, “You see models wearing is not exposed, but Mrs. build good, wear special taste.”
  Pictures of models because the body flat, does look very conservative, said it is still blame her great figure, Fang fennel hook the hook lips, Yu Wen Qian hold back the urge to get her Cangzaijiali.
  ”It does not look good?”Fang fennel and turn a circle,” does not work, you change a?”
  This dinner is standard wealthy, then a few games every month, although dinner is similar, but who can go to the scene is reflected in the strength o苏州夜网419f the organizers, past Yu Wen Qian also proposed a similar party were party fennel rejected.
  After his accident first appeared in public in a wheelchair, would choose this party, the organizer is highly visible face of.
  Fang fennel lightly.
  She was leaving, he was pulled Yu Wen Qian, “do not change, and beautiful.”
  ”But you.”
  ”Is so beautiful, I just do not want others to see you like this.”Yu Wen Qian Wen channel.
  Fang fennel into his eyes smile, studio people are low laugh, silently eating their dog food.
  When they entered the banqueting scene, he attracted everyone’s attention, the next violin accompaniment, people drinking and watching them.
  ”That’s Yu Wen Qian?Gosh!His legs really crippled?”
  ”The first time I saw him, not like people who had an accident.”
  ”Who is that woman behind him?This seems to be the first time with a woman Qian Yu Wen appeared it?”
  ”What a beautiful woman.”
  Soon, a veterans come say hello, “Wen Qian, this is your.”
  Yu Wen Qian smiled and pulled the body side to side fennel, gentle tone, “This is my wife.”
  The other side obviously surprised a moment, “when did you get married?”
  When you see the looks side fennel, which appeared surprised again.
  ”I did not do the wedding banquet, is a privately away form.”The other side of the line of sight has been fennel body back and forth, I could not help but frown Yu Wen Qian, Fang fennel with some regret to come out.

  She had long black hot rolled, casual loose down, the face of the exquisite makeup, red lips Xue Fu, wear suspenders small black skirt, revealing a large white skin, short skirts and some distance away from the knee, the lower skirt two legs slim noticeable fine white.

  Cheng Yi opened the door, saw that such care sleep, learned of Gu Cheng Nan said of sleep every day dress is very beautiful What does it mean, caught off guard by shaking a bit eye, stunned for a moment, then cold the next to face the room go: “you can come a little later more.”
  Gu did not sleep the door, only to rely on a door, migraine smile: “I thought you would want them to stay longer.”
  Uttaradit choked a bit, then turned around to see Gu sleep just standing in the doorway, lea广州桑拿ning door, tilted her head to look at him laughing.
  That smile he had never seen his face from Gu sleep.
  ”Gu sleep” even laugh, but also shallow, looks tame.
  But this time Gu sleep face smile temperature was too, too bright.
  His eyebrows a discount, naked from her eyes obscure.Glide on exposed skin tone with a hint of displeasure: “I want you to remember that you are a mother of two.”
  Gu not present significant sleep old.
  This dress, said she was twenty-three or four people are believed.
  Gu sleep brow of a challenge, readily tease tease the hair, very frivolous laugh: “Cheng tube a bit too wide it?”
  Author has to say:
  Gu sleep: before you take love for me to ign苏州夜网ore, today I can not afford to let you climb.Ah
  Six thousand reached.